This is how we pronounce our company name. I-P-fy. We are a (yet another) web hosting and website maintenance company. You might be wondering, well what’s the need of another service provider when we have so many traditional web hosting companies like GoDaddy etc. and so many large scale cloud services providers like Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

We believe we have to exist.

You see the traditional web hosting companies provide you “unlimited” super crowded web hosting and with the giant cloud service providers, you need to know how to configure each and everything to the best bang for your buck and heck, you need to pay tons for the “cloud” experts to maintain it or spend hours to learn how to maintain it. That’s where we come to your rescue.

At Ipfy, we use the same technology that the big guys use (read cloud) and provide scalable web services. With us you can be sure to grow and market your business without being worried about traffic, requests or doing the hard work of server maintenance. We are here to take care of that. All our web hosting plans are well researched and packaged with liberal resources so that you can go to market with least hiccups.

We also provide website maintenance and fully managed solutions with the aim to make sure your website is working for you 24/7 for we know that it is super important to keep your website up, updated and running. For when your customers are visiting your website, they should be confident doing business with you.

We will be discussing more about how our services can help you better and also talk about the latest and greatest things happening in the web services industry and in various niches.

Our aim is to help you succeed in the connected world and we believe that together we can make web a better place.

Let’s make your website work for you.