Welcome to Ipfy!

Our team has literally been working around the clock and we’re thrilled launch our new website, along with new range of services! Based on your feedback, and based on our experience with a lot of web hosting companies large and small, we are now starting a new journey as a managed cloud service provider.

A bit of our history

Ipfy was incorporated as a web development agency in 2016 and the need for a fast website hosting and management became inevitable. Websites are not software. Softwares are developed and giving to the users who then install it on their own computers, use their own compute and storage resources to do productive tasks. But websites, web applications are different.

Websites are not software.

Websites and web applications are managed by the those who own them, who deploy compute and storage to cater to the audience and the audience are not predictable. Some days are lull but on other days they are buzzing and what we identified is that a lot of website or web application owners either are either over prepared or under prepared. Moreover, the need for backups and web security are often overlooked.

The solution

We then worked tirelessly to build a platform which we call the ipfy platform and decided to provide it as a managed service where the choosers are not caught off-guard. And more than 100 customers chose to work with us on this idea and started reaping benefits immediately. We are now opening up to those who need this.

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