Why should you choose managed WordPress hosting

Imagine a world where you don’t have to think about servers. A place where you can unravel yourself from the hassles of web hosting, and focus your time on the things you’d rather be doing: designing sites for clients, developing custom WordPress themes, or growing your agency.

That’s what managed WordPress hosting allows you to do.

This type of web hosting is focused on WordPress sites (as you might’ve guessed from the name). That means everything a managed hosting company does is optimized for WordPress, the best content management system (CMS) in 2021. From the way they structure their servers to the people they hire for support, you can trust that a managed WordPress host is truly an expert in your site’s CMS.

On top of the hardware and WordPress-expertise, a managed host typically includes additional services and features designed to simplify the burden on site owners. (That’s where the “managed” part comes into play.)

I’ll dive into those specific advantages in the next section, but at a high level, managed WordPress hosting is ideal for anyone building a business on WordPress (such as creative agencies, freelancers, or eCommerce owners) or anyone who’s ready to free up their time by trusting in a reliable hosting partner. Managed WordPress hosting is a great solution for enterprise sites and in-house brands, too!

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