What’s my IP address?

Your public IP address is:

Your IP Geo Information:
City: Ashburn
State / County: Virginia
Country: United States
Time Zone: America/New_York
Latitude: 39.0481
Longitude: -77.4728

What is an IP address?

An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a unique identifier for each connection to the internet. Its primary purpose is to allow devices to communicate with each other. IP addresses are somewhat analgous to a postal address.

IPs are commonly described as an identifier for each internet-connected computer but this is not entirely accurate. In a common household setup, you may have multiple computers, phones, tablets, etc connected to a single internet connection through a router (or combination of routers). In such a scenario, all these devices would have the same public IP Address. In the case that your cell phone is connected to the internet through a wireless carrier, your cell phone would have a different ip address than your computer that is connected through your local ISP.

How do I perform an IP address lookup?

It’s easy! This page does that for you. Our IP reading service can show you detailed information including your IPv4 address, IPv6 address and location information.

How does my device get assigned an IP address?

When you connect to the internet, your internet provider (wireless carrier, local internet service provider, etc) assigns you an IP address. Certain internet providers assign a static ip address, meaning that your IP address will remain the same across subsequent internet sessions. Other internet providers assign dynamic ip addresses, which means your IP address may change each time you connect.

What is a public IP address?

Your public IP address is the ip address that is visible to other devices that you connect to on the internet. Say you visit Ipfy.com – then we can see your public IP address. Typically, if someone talks about an “IP Address” they are referring to your public, not private, IP address.

What is a private IP address?

Your private IP address is the ip address assigned within your internal network. Say you have a router at home that multiple devices (your phone and PC) connect to. The router will then assign each device a private IP address so that the router can distinguish internet traffic going to and from each device. When you visit an external website, the website can only see your public IP address.

What is the difference between my IP 4 and IP 6 address?

IP v 4 (IP4) and IP v 6 (IP6) are two IP address protocols. IPv4 was envisioned before the proliferation of internet connected devices and supports up to roughly 4.3 billion IP addresses. Although this might sound like a lot, it’s not nearly enough given that the IP address system is used around the world. IPv6, the later version of the protocol, solves this issue and has a capacity of up to 340 undecillion ip addresses (a very very high number!).